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Frequently asked questions
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Do I need horse experience to participate?

No horse experience is necessary.


No riding is involved in our programs, and our equine partners are all very safe and looking forward to meeting you!

Is this equine assisted therapy?

This is not therapy. We offer organisational development based on evidenced adult learning models and experiential learning theory.


We just happen to partner with horses to provide leaders and teams an engaging experience to assist in achieving their potential - no therapy involved!

What should I wear?

Boots or closed-toe shoes are required. Dress for the weather. If it's cold, dress warmly in layers you can remove easily as required. A rain coat and beanie are advisable. If hot, sunscreen, cap and sun-smart clothes.

Can you cater for people with additional needs?

Please get in contact to discuss your participant's individual needs. We strive for inclusivity for all, however given the nature of exercises with the horses, not all additional needs can be safely accommodated.

Horses scare me. Do I need to go near them?

Many people have a story they bring with them about a past horse experience. Our teams of horses work with a wide range of participants from young children to older adults. They have been specially chosen for this work as they are known to be safe, and we will familiarise you with the horses and a thorough briefing before we start. If you need help during the session, we are here to keep you safe and support you.

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