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We don't just train teams.
We transform them.

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We're here to help you transform the learning outcomes in your organisation
through profound insights from horses

As Managers, we know that ‘training as usual’ often doesn't deliver the outcomes being demanded in these turbulent and challenging times.

Which is why EQ Leaders designed our powerful, transformative, and unforgettable training experiences – that engage, empower and enhance group dynamics to build lasting personal and professional capacity for your people.

Prepare the way for lasting change through immersive team development experiences like no other

EQ EMPOWER high performance teams programs incorporate equine-assisted insights from horses, providing a new and exciting way to truly transform your team.

Our customised program solutions are designed to meet your needs. Whether your goals are to: 

  • give your high performing team the leading edge

  • provide professional development opportunities 

  • find support managing major business change or adopting new strategy

  • harness diversity and team strengths

  • address urgent and pressing issues like high staff turnover, low engagement, working in silos, poor communication and trust.

"Organisations globally are facing business critical circumstances, calling for innovative team development solutions to inspire, engage and enable people to be their best."


Make your investment in your team's development count

Team development is a significant time and cost investment in your people, so you want results. The most successful, memorable team-building events are ones that don’t feel like a day at the office; and sharing an experience that works towards common goals allows bonding to happen more organically and far more effectively.

We adopt experiential, goal-oriented activities to target beliefs, habits, and behavioural responses of your people through structured, outcome-focused activities aligned to your workplace context.

Mirroring challenges in the workplace allows participants a safe space to practice real-world leadership skills. Through our expertly designed program, the horses’ unique ability to reflect human behaviour will allow your team to explore:

  • Building trust, strengthening relationships

  • Enhancing teamwork and group collaboration 

  • Better understanding individual behavioural and communication styles

  • Creating inclusive spaces

  • Understanding what it means and feels like to lead differently  

  • Shifting mindsets to being facilitators of vision, influence, inspiration, and innovation

  • Examining how they approach challenges 

  • Advancing creative problem-solving skills

  • Leveraging individual and team strengths.

Real World EQ Leadership skills for modern leaders at all levels.


EQ Leaders programs are NOT therapy and not a matter of novelty. Our solution designs are underpinned by tested learning theory methods and models. Absolutely no horse experience is required, and no riding is involved.

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Follow up and review

We conduct a post-workshop check-in and follow-up discussion with team representatives to review group progress.
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Report and Action Plan

EQ Leaders provides your organisation with a consolidated report that includes the action plan constructed by the group during the workshop and the workshop evaluation.
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Team Development Experience

The experience is customised to meet your team’s needs. Activities designed to target the group’s goals and objectives - as identified in the pre-work - inform and pinpoint appropriate development exercises for your team. Your curated program facilitates team member’s insights, and documents the specific actions identified to overcome them.
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Program design

To ensure optimal benefit from your team experience, EQ Leaders work closely with your nominated representative to design customised activities aligned with learning outcomes.




What Our Clients Say

"Insightful and deeply impactful. I gained many insights about myself, my team, and collaborating across and within teams. Fantastic facilitation with the right level of challenge, design of the sessions and overall fantastic experience.  10/10"

julia bunjevac - head of consulting and product, melbourne business school

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