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Executive Leadership and Team Development Experiences for Good

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WYNnovation 2024 Masterclass tickets
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EQ Leaders have been handpicked to host the 2024 WYNnovation Masterclass! This is your exclusive invite to attend a leadership event like no other, at a once-in-a-lifetime price.
Tickets are limited. 

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2023 Wyndham Business Awards

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Team Building and Leadership Development programs Melbourne and Geelong
How it works

Leadership programs that build connected leaders and high performing teams


EQ Leaders exist to balance proven leadership methods with personal insights to boost team performance and business culture. Our programs lead the way in innovative leadership training across Melbourne and Geelong, delivering engaging, real-world experiential leadership programs that get your people outside the office to practice the leadership skills they'll apply straight back to the workplace.

Preparing and inspiring leaders to lead through the uncertain future, our customised programs deliver safe, engaging and goal-focused activities with horses, transitioning participants from leadership theory to real-world application. They make for the perfect corporate team-building day, with ROI! No horse or riding experience is required for our equine assisted activities, as all of the activities are ground based.

We exist to balance powerful personal insights - gained from goal-focused activities with horses - with proven leadership methods to boost performance and culture.

Partners and Collaborations

Associate of Executive Education, Melbourne Business School

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Professional Member, Institute for Learning and Performance Asia Pacific

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Certified Practitioner, Equine Experiential Education Association (E3A)

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Member, Geelong Chamber of Commerce

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Why team with us?

We're experts in learning

EQ Leaders are Learning Specialists. We're Associates of Executive Education, Melbourne Business School, bringing 15 years experience delivering meaningful learning and development solutions across the corporate, government and not for profit sectors. We bring our expertise in organisational learning and development to customise optimal outcomes for your business using powerful insights from horses.


Unlike other equine-assisted learning programs, EQ Leaders programs are NOT adapted from a therapy model. Our solution designs are underpinned by tested experiential learning theory methods and models, so our difference is more than being novel. We're passionate about supporting modern leaders to lead differently and confidently through change and uncertainty. 

Participants do not require horse experience, and no riding is involved. Everyone is equal in our programs, regardless of previous horse experience.

We invite you to contact us for a free consultation to explore the potential your people's leadership and team development opportunities today.

Pricing and Quotes

Our programs are tailored to meet individual business requirements, desired learning outcomes and professional development budgets. Contact us for a quote to meet your organisation's needs.


client testimonials

"Insightful and deeply impactful. I gained many insights about myself, my team, and collaborating across and within teams. Fantastic facilitation with the right level of challenge, design of the sessions and overall fantastic experience.  10/10"

julia bunjevac - head of consulting and product, melbourne business school

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