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EQ LEADERS WINS 🐎 at the 2023 Wyndham Business Awards

We were deeply honoured to receive the 2023 New & Emerging or Start Up Business Award in addition to being recognised as finalists for Excellence in Sustainability at the fabulous Wyndham Business Awards 2023. This recognition marks a significant milestone for EQ Leaders as we continue our journey to redefine leadership for modern times.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Commonwealth Bank for sponsoring this award and Wyndham City Council Economic Development Unit for their ongoing support of our business through multiple platforms that celebrate innovation and growth. To the respected judges, your belief in our vision empowers us to reach new heights. We were finalists amongst some equally deserving businesses who we recognise for their achievements.

A special mention goes to our exceptional team – humans and horses - the heartbeat of EQ Leaders. Your dedication and passion have fuelled our vision and social impact, and this award is a testament to your work. None of this would be possible without your shared vision and unwavering support - rolling up your sleeves to do whatever needs to be done. I'll never have enough 'thank-yous' for all you've done!

Judges Statement: “Established in 2022, EQ Leaders offers immersive leadership programs. By integrating nature-based activities and having horses as part of their team, their approach focuses on leveraging the power of nature for leadership development. Their business concept was well-researched and executed, and positioned them for continued growth and success. EQ Leaders also demonstrates a strong commitment to social purpose by dedicating 50% of their profits towards actively supporting non-profit organisations and social enterprises through their programs. This commitment empowers leaders within the not-for-profit sector, enabling them to drive greater social impact and positive change. Overall, EQ Leaders is an outstanding example of an emerging start-up business with strong local and social commitment, offering an impactful leadership development program.”

Thank you to the Wyndham Business Awards for providing this platform for recognition. Here's to authentic leadership, and doing full circle good in our journey ahead.

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